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 Rocky Mountain Bullets

Here at Rocky Mountain Bullets, we strive to make the best quality bullets available to the public and military.  

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Each bullet is carefully inspected and made with precision down to a 10th of a thousandths of a percent (0.0001)

Rocky Mountain Bullet Precision

    This is an image taken from the Wiki Page showing the tail waves stream back from a bullet.  The more waves that the bullet creates, the more drag there is.

    More waves = Less precision + Decreased Velocity


    Now, compare that last image to one of which is a rebated boat tail from Rocky Mountain Bullets.  See how there are only 2 waves created.  This gives the bullet better precision and higher velocity.  

    Here is an impact result of one of the solid copper bullets:

    Impact Results Rocky Mountain Bullets

    Here is an impact result from one of our Aluminum Tip bullets:

    Every bullet on this site will show the Diameter, Weight, Ballistic Coefficient, Sectional Density, Total Length, and the Bullet Type.  If you have any questions about the process, please don't hesitate to ask.